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Reopening Update: We are so excited to welcome back all of our families and children in Nursery + Preschool and ResKids! 


We have all been adjusting to new procedures and policies everywhere, and we recognize that experiences over the last 6 months have been different for many people. We have stayed prayerful in our decision making as we have sought to re-open children’s ministry safely and effectively and with the purpose of sharing Jesus with all the kids in our care. 


Ways we are minimizing exposure:

  • We have boxes of toys for each service time
  • We will be sanitizing any large toys, tables and chairs between services.


As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at or


NEW! Please note, Kindergarten is now located in the upstairs preschool area for Sunday mornings only. 


During this time we want to continue to engage the next generation and partner with you in ministering to your children. Below you will find links to the resources our awesome volunteers use weekly to teach your children the Word of God. You can also stay connected with each ministry on Facebook.

Nursery/Preschool & Kindergarten 


Video & Activity Links (updated every Sunday):


Other Resources: &

We would like to encourage you to download the Parent Cue App for practical ideas in continuing the lesson with your children during the week.


For 1st – 5th grade resources:


For 6th – 12th grade resources:

We have a confession to make – WE LOVE KIDS! We believe that young children, even infants, are ministered to and blessed by singing, teaching, praying and interaction with other children. Maybe you wonder what took place in your child’s class while you were in the service. Each class is a little different, but a typical class would include some of the following:


  • playtime (puzzles, toys, books, and several large motor-skill toys)
  • gather to sing songs (we teach praise and worship at each service)
  • lesson and time to color a picture that goes along with the story (in the Preschool classes a lesson is taught with the help of friendly puppet characters and we have an offering basket to teach the importance of giving and receiving)
  • wraps up with age-appropriate videos, games, snacks, or free play


Special Needs Children

Our vision is to provide a loving and caring environment for the children with special needs, enabling them to worship and be taught the love of Jesus. We want to partner with the parents, allowing them to worship freely while their child is cared for, ministered to, and loved in a one-on-one setting. Available Sunday mornings at 9:30am & 11:30am.


Health Standards

Our rooms are cleaned and the toys are sanitized twice a week. Also, any toy that should happen to reach the mouth of a little one is placed into a special bin and will not be used until it has been sanitized. We do all we can to keep out germs.


If you child is ill, we ask that you please keep them out until they are completely healthy. If you have any questions about what is considered an illness, please refer to the health standard brochure.


We do not administer any medications, ointments or mix formulas.


Please let us know of any special needs your child may have – whether allergy or disability.


My Child’s Salvation

Stay tuned for future dates!
When a child is dedicated a parent is committing to train them up in all God’s commands so they will know, follow, honor, and serve Jesus. If you would like to have your child dedicated at this service, please register online at or at one of the Welcome Centers.
Contact: Sandy, (616) 261-3802,

When a child is dedicated a parent is committing to train them up in all God’s commands so they will know, follow, honor, and serve Jesus. The next scheduled Child Dedication service is to be determined.

Contact: Sandy, 616.261.3802

Whether you are a single man, woman, or a married couple desiring to join a ministry and serve together, we have a fit for you. Nursery/Preschool team members must be 13 years old or older (11 and 12 year olds may serve in a classroom as long as they are serving with a parent volunteer).


As a volunteer in this ministry you will serve under the guidance of a trained teacher and assist with a Bible story, praise and worship, snack time, and overall classroom flow and safety. Fill out an application and attend a one-time orientation class. It’s that easy! We also have a flexible schedule which makes it easy to work around yours. So come have fun with us as we serve God and bless others. Hope to see you soon!


How Can I Get Started?

  • Attend a Volunteer Orientation Class
  • Complete and return a ResLife Team Application packet to the Nursery/Preschool offices.


Nursery + Preschool Orientation Dates:

Every Sunday • 11:30 am • Nursery Office Suite

No registration is required, walk-ins are welcome.


Nursery + Preschool Video