Young Adults Ministry


Access is the young adult ministry of ResLife. Join us every Thursday at 7 pm in the Ground Floor.

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Our goal is to develop totally committed followers of Jesus Christ to reach the world.



We believe that the love of God changes everything. When a person realizes for themselves how much value their life has, transformation begins. All of humanity is longing for an encounter with the love of God. Our desire is to create an atmosphere where people from any background can experience the life transformational power of an encounter with The Living God.



A true encounter with the love of God draws us into community with others. Godly friendships are a key ingredient to healthy spiritual growth. Our desire is to promote and lead people into authentic Christ centered community.



The Kingdom of God is not located in a building. Jesus demonstrated the Kingdom was located wherever He went. The saints (all believers) have the authority and ability to bring the Kingdom of God to all circumstances. One of our strongest passions is to see a generation of people who understand that Christianity is to be taken with them wherever they go. Revival in the world starts when believers have a transformational revelation that they take Christ with them to their jobs, schools, families, neighborhoods and everywhere else they are located.


One of our strongest convictions is that God still talks to His children today. We are committed to equipping believers through teaching, workshops and conferences on how to hear and discern the voice of God.

The Access Discipleship program is designed to activate young people into the God given purpose for their life.


Discipleship 1.0 // Nine-Month Program // Sept. 10 – May 13, 2019 // Mondays 9:30 am – 3:30 pm


Discipleship 2.0 // Nine-Month Program // Sept. 10 – May 13, 2019

The 2.0 program is available for those who are interested in getting ministry experience. It offers an opportunity to work with Junior High, Senior High, or Young Adult Ministries. You will be equipped to lead yourself, be a minister of the Gospel, develop and grow volunteer teams, and much more. Members of the 2.0 program will have direct mentorship from the ResLife Generations Staff and will walk alongside them to serve the people in the ministry. Junior and Senior High 2.0 students will be required to come in on Wednesdays for their additional experience and serve with the coordinating ministry. Young Adult 2.0 students will be required to come in on Thursdays.



Discipleship Program
Phase 1 – “Made to Make a Difference”
You will be discovering your strengths, gifts, talents and mission statement for your life. This phase is designed to challenge the way you perceive the Kingdom of God as well as the role you play in it.


Phase 2 – “Free to Make a Difference”
During this time you will be stepping into what it looks like to be a son or daughter of God, to hear and listen to the voice of God, as well as learn how to be a minister of Jesus Christ.


Phase 3 – “Make a Difference”
We will be evaluating your strengths, gifts and talents and will have a purposeful time of dreaming with God. What does it practically look like for you to become the person that God has created you to be? You will be setting short term and long term goals that are tailored specifically to what you discovered about yourself earlier in the program. We will then work with you to accomplish and pursue the dreams that God lays in your heart.


The nine-month program is designed to catapult young people into a their future with God with clear direction, vision and identity. Our passion is to release people to become the person that God has called them to be in this life.


Cost: $800 (if paid by Aug. 10, 2018) • $1,000 (if paid after after Aug. 10, 2018)
The cost includes all of the books and curriculum for the nine-month program as well as trips, a conference, and other experiences.




*Payment is due upon acceptance into the program.
*Not all applicants will be accepted.