For this reason, a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh......Matthew 19:5 NKJV

Congratulations! Thank you for considering Resurrection Life Church as part of your upcoming wedding. Our pastors and staff are committed to helping you prepare for your marriage. We are here to serve you from pre-marriage classes to the ceremony, and your reception too.


Wedding Application | Register for Pre-Marriage Classes

Rooms Available:

Chapel: Comfortably seats 250

  • Has two large screens on either side of the platform.
  • 1 lapel mic for pastor
  • Multiple hand-held mics for bride/groom or vocalists


Rez Center: Can easily accommodate any size wedding

  • Has two large screens on either side of stage
  • 4 lapel mics, multiple hand held mics


Ground Floor: Comfortably seats 400

  • Has three large screens on stage as well as many TV’s throughout the room
  • Multiple lapel and hand-held mics


Oneighty Room: Comfortably seats 200          

  • Has two large screens on either side of stage
  • Multiple lapel and hand-held mics


Welcome Center: Comfortably seats 40

  • Room with seating and Pastor to officiate your wedding. [$200]
  • Room with seating, Pastor, Decor and Wedding Coordinator. [$400] (When using decor you must work with our wedding coordinator)
  • Room does not have a sound system, however, we can provide a CD player


Wedding Fees:

The fee for each room listed above is $650 (except the Welcome Center as indicated). The fee of $650 includes an honorarium for the pastor, wedding coordinator, sound personnel for the wedding and use of church-owned candelabras, kneeling bench, communion supplies, pillars, and greenery.

  1. It is expected that the couple will have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  2. Completion of the pre-marriage classes before the wedding date is required. If you have not taken these classes you may register at the bottom of this page.
  3. Wedding Application & Wedding Questionnaires must be submitted at least 3 months prior to your requested wedding date.
  4. We require an RLC Pastor to officiate your wedding ceremony when held in our church.
  5. Friday weddings and receptions must be completed by 11:00 p.m. Saturday weddings must start no later than 4 p.m. and all guests must be out of the building by 8 p.m. Due to Sunday services, we cannot accommodate Sunday receptions.
  6. A Wedding Coordinator will be assigned to each wedding & reception, no exceptions.
  7. Absolutely no smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the building or on church grounds.
  8. No dancing is allowed in the church.
  9. No bubbles are allowed inside the building. It is your responsibility to explain this to your wedding party.
  10. No rice, birdseed, or marshmallows are to be thrown.
  11. The balances of any wedding fees are due at the time of initial consultation with the Wedding Coordinator. Checks should be made payable to Resurrection Life Church. If your wedding is offsite you will pay the pastor directly and that check can be made out to him.
  12. You are responsible for selecting and arranging for your own florist, pianist, music, soloist, etc…
  13. Payments for services of any soloists or other musicians are not included in the church fee and are your responsibility.
  14. The Wedding Coordinator will call you 2-3 months before the wedding date to schedule your first consultation. Plan on a one to a two-hour meeting.
  15. Candles are allowed on the stage only and are not permitted at the end of aisles.
  16. The marriage license must be brought to the pastor’s assistant the week prior to the wedding. It will then be given to the wedding coordinator. Be sure the assistant has the correct spelling of both maid/matron of honor and best man. The church office is closed on Fridays. Weddings without a marriage license will not be performed.

Reservation Process:

The steps below are provided to give you a better understanding of the reservation requirements. This will assist you in securing your wedding date in a timely manner and help make your wedding a memorable experience. It is highly recommended that you give this process at least a 3 month lead time. Please don’t order or have invitations made until your wedding is approved by the pastor.


Wedding Request Form: After you have read through all the information click on the tab below to submit your application and your non-refundable $50 deposit.


Pre-Marriage Questionnaires: Fill out and return the questionnaires (the document is provided when you fill out the application). When we receive your individual questionnaires they will be given to the pastor you have requested on the wedding form or a pastor we assign to you.


Pre-marriage Consultation Appointment. A pastor will contact you within two days of receiving your questionnaires. Please contact our office immediately if you are not contacted within 2 days.


Final Approval: When the wedding office receives pastoral approval to marry you. We will submit your requested wedding date and room reservations to RLC facilities. It is not until the building reservation is submitted and confirmed that we can guarantee the availability of the date you request. (Please note that when we receive your application we will check for availability right away. But the date will not be secure until we have pastor approval).

Wedding Times:

Friday evening weddings must begin no later than 7:00 pm and conclude by 11:00 pm. Saturday weddings must begin no later than 4:00 pm and all guests need to be out of the building by 8:00 pm.


Wedding Rehearsal Dinners:

The Olive Tree Café or Hospitality Suite are available to host your rehearsal dinner and can be reserved by contacting the Wedding Office at (616) 249-3741. Please note that special requests for different size/style tables cannot be arranged in the Olive Tree or Hospitality Suite. The RLC Food Service Department will handle all menu/beverage requests. An additional deposit is required to secure your rehearsal venue.


Wedding Receptions:

All receptions at Resurrection Life Church must be catered by our Food Service Department.  We have a professional chef and catering service assuring your event will be handled in a professional manner.

Friday evening receptions need to be completed by 11 p.m. Due to Sunday services we do not allow receptions on Sundays.

There is an additional deposit required to reserve a reception venue. To reserve a reception venue please contact the Wedding Office at (616) 249-3741.

The following rooms are available for Wedding Receptions:

  • Hospitality Suite (70)
  • Olive Tree Café (120)
  • Oneighty Room (240)
  • Family Life Center/Gym (350)          
  • Ground Floor (450)


Wedding Fees:

(See Welcome Center for small wedding options for under 40pp)

The fee for each room listed below is $650. The fee of $650 includes an honorarium for the pastor, wedding coordinator, sound personnel for the wedding and use of church-owned candelabras, kneeling bench, communion supplies, pillars, and greenery.


Wedding Coordinator Responsibilities

The Wedding Coordinator is familiar with all church and legal guidelines which must be adhered to. Therefore, she has all authority in regard to the wedding and the building.  We expect her requests will be respected and honored by the wedding party.

The coordinator will meet with the bride and groom to discuss how the bride would like her wedding conducted. Together they will decide the entry and seating of parents, entry, and placement of bridal party, music, etc.  The coordinator will be happy to share her expertise if requested or will carry out what the bride has already decided, as long as her desires reflect a Christian atmosphere and wedding.  This meeting will be approximately 1-2 hours.  The coordinator will call you to set up an appointment.

Rehearsal: The coordinator will conduct the rehearsal using information gathered from the meeting with the bride and groom.  Her job is to make everyone comfortable and knowledgeable about what is expected of them. The bride has the final word on the flow of the wedding.  The wedding party will be advised of what time to be at the church dressed and ready for pictures.  Copies of the service will be distributed to the pastor, sound technician, musician, and soloist. The coordinator will work with, and explain duties of the master and mistress of ceremony andushers.

Wedding: The coordinator will try to meet any needs that arise. She is prepared to pin on corsages or teach the mistress of ceremony.  To keep on schedule, she will encourage the master and mistress of ceremony to get people seated and take gifts to the reception if held at RLC.  All recordings used in the wedding will be returned to the master or mistress of ceremonies.

Wedding Reception: When held at RLC, the Wedding Coordinator will arrange for flowers to be transported from the wedding to the reception room. She is not responsible for clean up after the reception. Any decorations left will be disposed of.

The Wedding Coordinator has a ‘goody box’ with any last minute needs you may have forgotten to bring with you. (i.e. iron, ironing board, bobby pins, pins, needle and thread, deodorant, hair spray, etc…) Please advise your wedding party that our equipment is not to be removed from the building.


Florist Information:

The florist may set up Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.  Make these arrangements with your wedding coordinator so the custodial staff can be notified and prepared for the setup or delivery.

Please advise the florist that RLC plants may not be placed directly under candelabras as the melted wax ruins the plants. Hurricane aisle candles are not allowed due to fire code.

You will need to advise your wedding coordinator at the time of consultation who will beresponsible to take flowers from the wedding to the reception if your reception is at RLC.

Notify the Wedding Coordinator of arrangements for the pickup of any rented items. Custodians will place them in a secure place until pick up time. The Facilities office must be informed so they can store the items and retrieve them promptly. Resurrection Life Church is not responsible for any items left behind after the wedding and reception are over.

How much does it cost to have our wedding at ResLife?

The fee for most rooms is $650.


Do you offer options for a wedding with a smaller group of people?

Yes, we do. Our welcome center seats up to 40 people comfortably. The fee starts at $200 and depending on your room setup can go up to $400.


What time is the church open for weddings?

Friday evening weddings must begin no later than 7 p.m. and conclude by 11 p.m.  Saturday weddings must begin no later than 4 p.m. and all guests need to be out of the building by 8 p.m. 


Do we need to be members of your church to get married here?

No, you do not. The price is the same for members and non-members. We do require an RLC Pastor to officiate your wedding ceremony here. Also, bride and groom must attend the 5-week pre-marriage classes prior to their wedding day.


Can we request an RLC Pastor to marry us at another location?

Yes, you can. The fee is $250 minimum paid directly to the pastor. The fee may be slightly higher based on the location. All requirements and reservation processes apply.


Can we have our rehearsal dinner and/or wedding reception at ResLife?

Yes, The Olive Tree Café or Hospitality Suite are available to host your rehearsal dinner and we have rooms that will cater from 70 up to 450 guests for a beautiful wedding reception. A professional chef will help you to select and prepare the perfect menu for your guest, and our catering service will assure that your event will be handled in a professional manner.


How do we get started?

See Reservation Process for further details and the wedding application.