Freedom Foundations Classes

Wednesdays | January 4 - February 1 | 6:30 pm | Room 466 | Entrance A

These classes are designed to lay a foundation for your process of freedom. We recommend that you complete them before Topical classes and Kairos. Each class provides part of a bigger picture that will challenge and encourage you to walk in the fullness of who you truly are in Christ.

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Foundation Classes

Class 1. Introduction to Freedom

God didn’t design us to be in bondage to anyone or anything. In fact, we were created for freedom. But what is freedom? How do I become free?

Class 2. Lasting Change

Our attempts at change often fail because we try to change for the wrong reason, change the wrong thing or we use the wrong tools. This class teaches on God’s provision for changing your life from the inside out.

Class 3. Hearing God

God speaks, and the Bible makes it clear that we are able to hear Him. Learn why and how He speaks so you can hear Him more clearly and receive the full impact of communicating with the God who loves you!

Class 4. Identity

Each of us was designed to be defined by God and God alone, but the enemy of our souls has a plan to distort our identity. You need to know that long before the enemy started targeting you, God chose you. You are who God says you are!

Class 5. Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is not like a kingdom. It’s not simply a religion, a philosophy or moral teaching, it is a kingdom with Jesus ruling and reigning in our hearts. Jesus’ main message had to do with the Kingdom of God, so it is important to have an understanding of it.

Class 6. Dealing with Disappointment 


Leader: Pastor Deb Kirgis

For more information contact   or (616) 261-3782.